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We offer tailor made website design services, both locally and internationally.

What We Offer

Custom Website Design

We custom design websites to suit your brand style and business vision perfectly, with a modern and clean flair.

Mobile Responsive Sites

Our sites are mobile responsive, which is vital in the current digital age where most people view websites on their phones.

Basic SEO Optimisation

In the current age it is vital to be discoverable online. We offer basic Search Engine Optimisation, ranking your business higher on Google.

Web Maintenance

Maintaining your site & keeping it current is highly important in your online presence. We offer ad hoc maintenace packages to suit your website needs.

Blog Maintenance

Hosting a blog in our digital age is key in maintaining a current and relevant presence online. We offer ad hoc and retainer based blog maintenance services. 

Web Hosting & Registration

We source domain name registration and website hosting on your behalf in order to quickly and easily get your business in the digital realm.

Our Approach

We believe in the importance of designing a website to specifically suit your business needs and vision, rather than a one-size fits all approach. We, therefore, dedicate one-on-one time with you as our client – discovering your needs and discussing your business & website vision, and applying this throughout the designing process.

We are acutely aware that living in the current digital age means there is a lot of ‘noise’ online. It is our goal to help you stand out from the crowd with your website. We create websites that are unique; create a positive user experience; are highly relevant to your target audience; and apply best web design practice.

Why a Website?

You may be wondering why it is important to get your business online with a website when there are multiple free platforms, like YouTube and Facebook, which in essence creates an online presence.

Although it is true that you gain an online presence, this is only part of the puzzle, in the same way only having a website without the support of Social Media is also only partly complete. 

Prospective clients generally want to have a holistic understanding of who you are, what you offer and how you operate as a business before deciding to invest in your product. For this reason it is important to leverage the various platforms available to you, so your clients gain a better understanding of you and more willingly invest in your product.

Get your Personalised Website

Are you excited to collaborate with us in your online presence?

We understand that each business is different in it’s needs for a website. For this reason we offer numerous packages as well as custom website design options, allowing us to best fulfill your needs.

Get in touch with us to discuss your needs and we will either suggest a perfect package, or tailor make an option.


Website Design Packages

Custom Website Design Services

Website Design

We offer between one page and an infinite number of page designs. The first page costs R1500 (dependent on specific needs), and each additional page at a reduced rate. Excl. domain registration & hosting.

Get a quote » Starts from R1500

Blog design & Management

We design your blog posts page & create a template for individual posts. We offer blog management on a retainer or ad hoc basis. 

Get a quote » Starts from R1000

Blog maintenance training

You may prefer receiving training to manage your own blog. We design a blog page, and template for individual posts, which you are able to utlise yourself, with a 45 minute blog maintenance training session.

Get a quote » Starts from R1700

Website Support

In our constantly updating and changing online world you may discover that a page on your site is no longer functioning optimally, or there is an error on your website. We offer ad hoc website support should you encounter any trouble on your website.

Get a quote » Starts from R350

Monthly Maintenance Retainer

We offer monthly retainers in order to keep your site backed-up; updated; and it’s content current. We offer packages from 30 minutes and up, depending on your individual needs.

Get a quote » Starts from R350

Basic Search Engine Optimisation

Discoverability on Google is vital in order for your business to thrive. We, therefore, offer basic Search Engine Optimisation packages in order to get each page on your website ranked higher on the Google search engine. We offer a per page SEO option, or a package for your entire site.

Get a quote » Starts from R200

Single Page Design

You may only have the need to have one web page designed. Or maybe you are an existing client and need an additional page added to your site. Dependent on the individual page needs, options start from R625.

Get a quote » Starts from R625

Website Maintenance

Keeping your website current is a vital part in remaining relevant in the online realm. We offer ad hoc or monthly retainer options in order to keep your site evolving as your business grows and changes.

Get a quote » Starts from R350

Customized email address

We offer customised email addresses that link to your domain name. For example We charge per email address.

Get a quote » Starts from R170

Source Domain Registration & Hosting

We register your domain and source website hosting on your behalf, internationally or locally. Website hosting is on a yearly basis.

Get a quote » Starts from R520

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