Coaching for your personal, professional and business needs.

What We Offer

Life Coaching

One-on-one guided sessions that maximize your personal growth and development, assist in trouble-shooting obstacles, and explore new opportunities for advancement.

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Business Coaching

We offer support to launch and stimulate your business in it’s first years, as well as guiding your business through it’s next cycle of  growth and success.

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Career Counselling

Thinking preference assessment providing guidance for scholars choosing Matric subjects & Tertiary study, as well as professionals looking to change career paths.

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Our Approach

Through relaxed & engaging sessions we delve deeper into personal, professional or business related challenges & opportunities. With a collaborative partnership we explore situations presently requiring attention. Questioning, curiosity, listening & reflection deliver successful mindset shifts, manifest behavioural change which benefit clients & their interests.

The Neethling Brain Instruments® are an internationally recognised system for measuring thinking preference. Clients may choose to complete an assessment to provide valuable insight into their own thinking. Our thinking preferences underlie all of our behaviour, decision making and communication & are foundational to our fulfillment & success.

Sessions are hosted online on a variety of platforms. 

Why Coaching?

Many people, in their personal and professional lives, find themselves entertaining challenges and opportunities, which require intentional time, attention and expertise.

This process is often attempted in a vacuum, but best results often emerge from collaborative conversation with a skilled guide.

The solutions are usually inherently present in the client, the guide’s mandate is to ask good questions, reflect thinking and challenge perceived limitations. This partnership provides a liminal space to unlock potential.

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The first step is the most important – act on your decision to collaborate with a like-minded individual with the expertise to facilitate your questions and growth.

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Alternatively, take advantage of the obligation-free 15 minute session to explore this opportunity. Use this time to ask any questions and decide whether you would like to proceed with further consultations. 

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