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What We Offer


Brain profiling for adults searching for either career enrichment opportunities or for guidance in desired career path changes.


Brain profiling for secondary school students (from Grade 9) to support informed choices in viable options for tertiary study and subsequent career paths.

Our Approach

We use the Neethling Brain Instruments® as a psychometric tool to provide data upon which to make reliable decisions relating to tertiary studies and potential career paths. The NBI® system was developed by Dr Kobus Neethling, a South African leader in creativity and development. With extensive, ongoing international research the NBI® is the largest battery of assessments for thinking preference in individuals and teams in the world.

We will meet with you for an initial interview to get to know your personal background with regard to study and career expectations, as well as to answer any questions you may have.

Following that you complete the online assessment. Then a follow up consultation is scheduled to discuss results and indicated opportunities for your studying and working future.

Why the NBI® system?

People prefer to think in a combination of four distinct schemas. Each person’s thinking preference is unique to them, and it underlies all behaviour, decision making and communication. This has an obvious and fundamental affect on all areas of life. As a result, all of a person’s life can be better understood by obtaining a brain profile that reveals personal thinking preference.

The Neethling Brain Instruments® measure an individual’s thinking preference, and so the results, provide guidance for study and career options that will be in line with the individual’s thinking preference.

Lining up studies and a career with your inherent thinking preference is vital for living a successful and fulfilled life.

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