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If you’re not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary

– Jim Rohn

What We Offer

Coaching & Mentoring

Investigative sessions to unlock the long-term success of your business via lateral thinking and collaborative exploration.

Neethling Brain Instruments®

Brain profiling that delivers reliable data to inform individual and team development and strategy

Our Approach

A business is similar to a person in that it has complex issues which affect its growth, development and resilience. Businesses require innovation, interrogation and persistence – much like any personal growth journey.

Our method to business coaching takes an investigative and multi-faceted approach to the multiple factors that drive success. There is space to dream, problem solve, think laterally, examine options, and challenge current thinking and paradigms. 

In addition, the NBI® system may be employed to provide brain profiling for individuals and teams. The results can then be applied to creative problem solving, whole brain decision making, and to integrate the whole brain into leadership and executive tasks. 

All of these solutions are available in the comfort of online sessions on a variety of digital platforms.

Why Coaching as a Business Owner?

We now recognise as a human race that the health and success of our world today is not built from independent silos of business or human endeavour, but from an interconnected network of passion, support and possibilities. Coaching is one method of tapping into the resources available in this network. 

What does this mean for your business? There is no need for you as business owner or entrepreneur to maintain a state of intellectual and creative isolation when there are valuable resources available to support your growth and development. 

Coaching allows you the opportunity to dream and plan with someone who is invested in your interests and development. It is a gift to your business’ health and longevity.


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